Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Halo: M90 CAWS Mk. 2 aka Shotgun

A brilliantly designed futuristic shotgun, and easily the most devastating non-explosive weapon in Halo, the M90 Mk.2 CAWS or Close Assault Weapon System, is a 8 gauge dual function shotgun that has a twelve round integral dual tubular magazine. Capable of switching from pump to auto, the M90 is a very versatile shotgun that can adapt to it's environment. With it's dual tubular magazine, one could hold less than lethal rounds in one tube, and tactical buckshot or slugs in the other. 
The M90 is based heavily off of theBenelli M4, and Neostead NS2000 shotguns and is one of the exceptionally few sci-fi shotguns out there that is unique in design.

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  1. Hey TactOnyx. I absolutely LOVE what you've done with the shotgun.

    Although one thing that's kind of putting me off about it is that the receiver hardly looks like it could fit a shell into one of the tubes.. The opening to the tubes is like half the width of the shell inside it..