Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Halo: M247 GPMG aka Machine Gun

The M247 General Purpose Machine Gun is a delayed roller blow back 7.62x51mm belt-fed medium machine gun, akin to the MG42. With a break-open action inside the receiver, swapping the barrel can be done very quickly without tools. The M247 GPMG has a special recoil compensator built into the buttstock to allow accurate sustained fire.
I've always loved the look of the M247 GPMG, as it had a quasi reminiscent look to that of the MA5 assault rifle, making the M247 look like a big brother. For me, it was my stationary replacement for the MA5 rifle in Halo 2.
The Halo 2 model of the M247 was pretty bland, detail wise, so I took a lot of elements from the M247 concepts in the Art of Halo book and added it to what you see in the blueprints. I've already gotten most of the barrel done, and I'll show some pics of it when it starts to resemble a M247.

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