Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tether: Zerstorer Type 52 Linear Motor Rifle

The Zerstorer rifle is a electromagnetic weapon, holding a 95 round magazine of 7mm Sabots, this weapon is capable of a ROF of 850 rounds per minute. Disengaging the heat regulator, the weapon can exceeed 2000 RPM.
Attached to the weapon is the Type 9 23mm SMILE (Special-purpose MunitIons LaunchEr) with a built in electronics suite, capable of firing a varity of rounds ranging from guided thermaboric micro-missiles, smart rounds, 0000 ought buckshot to baton and paintball rounds. Attached to the front of the gun is a cold forged, cobolt-steel tactitool capable of accomplishing a range of tasks from wire cutting to forced entry or serving as a vicious bayonet.

This project was commissioned by Corridor Digital, me and Dave Weimert, aka Ithica, from our allied site, Soaring Hammer, were responsible for building "The Spaceman." Dave was responsible for making the suit, while I was responsible for making the weapon. Corridor Digital wanted a electromagnetic rifle that was big. I showed him some concepts of a rifle that I already had, and they immediately liked this design. After doing a few upgrades to the design, we now have the weapon you see. 
Despite how small it looks, this is still a good sized gun. The Type 52 is loosely based off of a MR-C or Modular Rifle-Caseless, that is typically seen in Ghost Recon games. The rifle has ambidextrous controls and ergo grips. This gun is very comfortable to hold. 
The scope is eye level and you don't need to crane your head too far down, and will accept two AA batteries. 
The pepperbox launcher has a detachable magazine and the scope wraps around the launcher itself. I think my most favorite part of the gun is the tactitool.
The parts I'm not happy with is the fire selector and the muzzlebrake. The fire selector switch is huge and difficult to reach, and the muzzlebrake just isn't practical for this gun. Unfortunately I had limited time on this project and I wasn't unable to address those issues. But Corridor Digital is happy with the gun, so I guess that's all that matters. 
Here's a link to "Tether" enjoy the video.  
Here's a link to Corridor Digital, subscribe to their work.
If you want to see the Spaceman costume, visit Soaring Hammer
Here are some more detailed pics of the Zerstorer. 
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