Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Halo: Battle Rifle 85 Heavy Barrel

The Battle Rifle 85 Heavy barrel is a 9.5mm liquid cooled, gas-assisted, delayed roller blowback rifle with a integrated ammo counter and weapon system management suite. The BR85 is able to fire in single shot or three round bursts. The rifle lacks an external safety and instead has a double action trigger and a bolt release/de-cocker button on the top of the rifle, located behind the ejection port.
The rifle features a L-Mag that holds 36 rounds. The magazine has a clock spring located behind the rounds and allows more munitions to be loaded into the mag. The rifle also comes equipped with a x2 variable video scope.
The BR85 was a difficult project to pull off, as the gun lacked a "normal" chassis, and it seemed like the gun was a series of layers that were bolted together. But it's a very busy design and great eye candy


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  1. Totally buying one of these once I complete my armor!