Friday, February 25, 2011

Avatar: GS-221 CARB aka Avatar Assault Rifle

The modular 6.2mm GS-221 CARB, or Caseless Ammunition Rifle Base, is a unique rifle with the ability to transform into a variety of mission specific weapon platforms, ranging from the PDW up to a full sized assault rifle. Included with the CARB is the 20mm munitions launcher, capable of being used as a grenade launcher, shotgun, or an anti-material rifle firing caseless sabot rounds, making it a versatile weapon.
Unlike what was depicted in the movie, this particular design that I built follows the caseless style of body: No ejection ports, no cased munitions. What I love about this weapon is that it's one of the exceptionally few science fiction guns that seems like a plausible weapon that might be used in the future.

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