Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Half Life 2: OSIPR2, aka Overwatch AR2 Pulse Rifle

OSIPR2, short for Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle 2, this large, bulky rifle is one of my most favorite weapons of any sci-fi media. An alien weapon in origin, it has been reinterpreted into an assault rifle form to serve the enslaved trans-human branch of the Combine military. A dark matter based weapon, the AR2 can fire off 30 dark matter envelopes before the automated reloading system kicks in and changes the magazine. The secondary function depletes the energy core and releases an energy orb that disintegrates everything in it's erratic path.
The unusual design and the intimidation that it brings is what attracts me to build such a magnificent weapon. This will definitely be the crown jewel of my collection.
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  1. The best remake of an rifle i ahve ever seen, keep up the awesome work, mate!

  2. Can i buy that from you? ill give a good price email me at whaleshark193@gmail.com

  3. How did you make it? I really want to know so that I can make one.

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  4. How much does a copy of this cost?