Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halo: M6 Pistol

The M6C pistol is a striker fired, fixed barrel, lever delayed blowback handgun firing .50 Auto (12.7x25mm) cartridges from a 12 round magazine. The M6C SOCOM variant makes the most of the slow, but hard hitting .50 round, significantly reducing the noise to a mere whisper.
The M6D Variant features a KFA-2 Optical Smart-Link Scope that has a wireless connection to the user's HUD (If the user is wearing a helmet) allowing a low profile scope than can be blind-fired.
An iconic video game handgun, the M6 pistol is easily recognizable with it's handguard. I can't think of any other sci-fi pistol that really stands out. You can see an awful lot of influence from the Liberator pistol, Walther P99 and a Desert Eagle. Automatic win.

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